Cloud Computing has bring the time to provision a server from months to mins. However, enterprises are still struggling with many IT services which take days or weeks to install and configure. We understand that time is a valuable resources in any organisation and we aim to help enterprise shorten the time for them to implement a new OS or workflow to complete a complex task. Our marketplace offer busy individuals a very efficient and effective way or implementing IT services onto their ezStackr Cloud appliance. Enterprise can purchase, download and provision IT resources right from ezStackr interface. This allows the IT resources to focus on more important tasks like planning and putting their strategy to work. The marketplace will take care of the on boarding of the OS templates, services from vendors and micro-codes that can be run directly on the ezStackr.

Marketplace forms an important part of ezStackr eco-system. From the ezStackr interface, you can browse our store and download templates, micro-codes or virtual appliances from vendors to be used in your private cloud deployment. You can now shorten the time needed to adopt new OS or provision an IT services.

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