ezStackr offer all enterprise an affordable, secure and easy to use private Cloud solution. Your Cloud journey with ezStackr will be both easy and pleasant, as we have removed all complexity in relation to Cloud deployment and adoption. ezStackr is design to be plug and play, all you need to do is to connect the power, network and power on the appliance. ezStackr contains all the resources your need to run a secure private Cloud within your premises. Our self help portal allow anyone to design IT infrastructure on Cloud easily.

ezStackr is build on years of sysadmin and application development experience. Our team has work in both public and private cloud environment since year 2009. Thus, we understand how the Cloud  works and how organisation can benefit from it . ezStackr is design and build from ground up, our design principle is SIMPLICITY and USEFULNESS of each features. We simplify and put in only the necessary components that are both useful and effective for anyone who needs to adopt Cloud. We also and make it SIMPLE and EASY to use. ezStackr is robust, pack of features and most importantly low in cost. We make sure ezStackr don’t crack your brain and break your bank account.

If you are looking for a affordable, secure easy to use Private Cloud solution, then you have come to the right place. ezStackr is unique, it greatly reduce the total cost of ownership for adopting and owning a Private Cloud. Our advance and innovative method of integration and resource management greatly reduce the footprint and complexity of Cloud deployment. This maximise the usability of hardware resources allowing almost 100% of hardware resources for virtualisation. With little overhead, return on investment on the hardware will be at the maximum and this also helped to reduce the amount of hardware needed to be deployed. When lesser hardware is use, solution are less complex and easier to manage

Network Designer

ezStackr comes with a Network Designer, this state of the arts feature is unique only to ezStackr. Network Designer enable visual representation of your Cloud Server running in ezStackr. This powerful feature enable enterprise to design and deploy entire system architecture to your private cloud with just one click of the button.

VM Management

ezStackr Cloud Appliance offers a very simple to use VM management interface. You will not see list of Cloud resources, instead you will see graphical representation of compute resource that is easy to understand and operate. Using ezStackr portal, you can launch/delete, start/stop/pause/reboot/shutdown virtual machines that are running in the appliance.

Storage Management

ezStackr provide user friendly interface for users to manage their storage requirement. You can easily create storage resources and attached/detach it to a virtual machine. Expanding your storage capacity of your virtual machines is easy and you can increase and decrease the storage space base on your usage requirement.

Network Management

ezStackr allow user to create VLAN and use it for virtual machine requirement. You do not have to invest in expensive SDN switches or router. ezStackr Cloud Appliance enable you to create VLAN and bridging network so that your entire system architecture can work within the appliance and can communicate with external devices.

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