About Us

We are SDx

SDx means Software Define Everything. This is the basic concept of Cloud Computing where all IT services can be represented by software application. There are primarily 3 different service models for Cloud Computing namely IAAS, PAAS and SAAS. Many companies focusing in just one of each service model and this diversity creates many integration issues and navigating through these issues are both complex and difficult.

Our Aim

It is a well known facts that organisation needs to invest quite heavily in both monetary and technical resources to adopt and own a private Cloud. Usually, the bill for cloud implementation will end up in few hundred thousands to millions of dollars. Worst is after implementation, companies will struggle to keep up to the functionalities and thus adoption will drop. In SDx, our aim is to provide an affordable and easy to use Cloud solution for SME or organisation that want to adopt Cloud. We understand the problems and complexity in existing way of Cloud deployment and have work out a solution. Our solution help organisation to save on owning a private Cloud and also make Cloud easy to use.

Our Team

In SDx, we have highly skilled and experience team members who has seen the evolution of traditional IT services to Cloud Computing. Our members are experience professional that are well verse in Datacenter operations and technologies, they have an average 15~20 years of working experience in a datacenter environment. We look at Cloud usability from user perspective and we design our product base on 3 principles affordability, usability and simplicity.

Our Values

Technology should be made simpler and easier to adopt or use. We deliver values to our customer by simplifying the way technology are presented by reengineering the workflow, the user experience, the user interface as well as the backend integration so that our customer can achieve both cost and resource efficiency. We believe letting our customers enjoy the benefits of simplicity is our greatest achievement.